Mercedes Still the Third Force in F1 This Weekend

Hamilton Excluded from Mercedes Meetings Yet?


Speculation swirls as rumours hint at Hamilton’s exclusion from strategic discussions at Mercedes F1. Meanwhile, Mercedes grapples with maintaining its position as the third force in Formula One this weekend.

If Lewis Hamilton wins at Silverstone this weekend, it will be his 9th victory on this track, setting a new record.

Does the Briton have the means to triumph in front of his fans? Indeed, Mercedes F1 has closed the gap to Red Bull and McLaren F1, ready to seize any opportunity—as evidenced by George Russell’s win at the Red Bull Ring.

However, a crash between Lando Norris and Max Verstappen was also necessary for Russell’s victory last Sunday… and Lewis Hamilton remembers this: in pure pace, Mercedes F1 still trails behind Red Bull and McLaren F1.

“In terms of sheer performance, I don’t think we are currently in the same league as McLaren and Red Bull.”

“As you’ve seen in the recent races, on these high-speed tracks, McLaren might be the fastest, or at least with Max. And I think we are not far behind.”

“We have definitely seen huge progress on our part. And it’s really great to see that we are gradually getting closer to the leading drivers.”

Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed immense success at the Silverstone track… but his victories in 2008 and 2021 (following the famous clash with Max Verstappen) remain memorable.

“2008 will probably remain the most special year. My first Grand Prix victory, here in the rain. And it’s kind of the beginning of the journey with the fans here.”

“It was in the rain, and those were the most challenging conditions a racing driver could face. And just the level I reached that day… I believe I won the race by 68 seconds. So it was much more than in any other race I’ve done, especially in the rain.”

“2021 was still a great feeling. I think I’ve had such a long journey with the British fans and we have such good memories… we really have the best fans here.”

Hamilton has not yet been excluded from meetings at Mercedes F1.

2024 will be Lewis Hamilton’s last chance to win with Mercedes F1 at Silverstone, as he will be joining Ferrari next year.

Has the Briton begun to be excluded from Mercedes F1’s strategic meetings, especially regarding next year’s car?

“I have not been excluded from any meetings.”

“We are still working on this car and trying to bring it to the front of the grid. It remains very collaborative; I’ve been here a long time.”

“So if there comes a time when they say ‘we’d prefer you not to attend this meeting’, it wouldn’t bother me at all.”

“It may be inevitable at some point, but ultimately, no information I get this year will impact next year.”

Is Lewis Hamilton now also discussing next season with Ferrari, which would of course justify an exclusion from meetings?

“I am not in communication [with Ferrari]. Nothing goes through until I start next season and it takes time to develop things.”

“Yes, I talk to John (Elkann) almost every week. So, yes, we spoke today, actually. We just talked about fashion and things we want to do. Nothing about racing. He knows that racing and winning are our priority, but we can’t talk about it yet.”

Hamilton, the mentor to Oliver Bearman?

After Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton is also the veteran on the field. Yet, next year F1 will welcome Oliver Bearman, who will be the youngest on the grid, a driver from the Ferrari academy…

As a future driver at Maranello, does Lewis Hamilton see himself as Bearman’s future mentor? Has he offered any advice?

“No, I haven’t even thought about it. I don’t think he needs it. I think he’s quite smart.”

“I mean, naturally, as one of the older drivers here, my door is always open if someone has questions or needs advice.”

“It’s great that the UK is producing many talented young drivers. I would say Silverstone and the BRDC (British Racing Drivers’ Club) have something to do with it because they invest in a lot of young sports hopefuls. It’s great for the sport. It takes the pressure off all of us.”

Mercedes: Still the Third Force in F1 This Weekend?. f1 2024 Mercedes: Still the Third Force in F1 This Weekend?. Mercedes: Still the Third Force in F1 This Weekend?


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