Mercedes Offers Verstappen Time Amid Red Bull Turmoil

Mercedes Offers Verstappen Time Amid Red Bull Turmoil


Amidst the ongoing turmoil at Red Bull, Mercedes F1’s Toto Wolff has offered Max Verstappen the time to contemplate his future in the sport.

Toto Wolff stated that Mercedes F1 would give Max Verstappen “time” to decide on his Formula 1 future amid ongoing turmoil at Red Bull.

Verstappen’s future at Red Bull has been at the heart of speculation following the Horner affair, despite the Dutchman’s current total domination of the sport and the fact his contract runs until the end of the 2028 season.

Should he leave before this date due to a potentially prolonged explosive situation, Mercedes would obviously be the logical landing spot for the triple world champion given they have a seat available next year following Lewis Hamilton’s impending move to Ferrari.

When asked if Verstappen would drive for his team next year, Mercedes F1 team boss Wolff smiled.

“Ah, that’s a direct question! If I knew…”

“Right now, Max is in the fastest car, and that’s what a driver will always look at first.”

“He’s at a fantastic stage of his career, and then it will be a decision for him to say: Is this still the right environment for me, and if not, where do I want to go?”

“I think what’s driving him to consider other options is because they’re having difficulties within their team.”

“I think we need to give him time to think about how he wants to shape his future without putting any pressure on him.”

Yesterday, Max Verstappen was questioned about the rumors linking him to Mercedes F1 following discussions that reportedly already took place between Jos Verstappen, Raymond Vermeulen, and Toto Wolff in Bahrain.

“I can understand that. It has no impact on me in terms of what I would do. But I mean, it’s always nice to hear that. Toto Wolff and I, we’ve had our little moments, but that’s normal between two teams fighting for championships. But the respect has always been there. From my side, it changes nothing.”

When asked if he would ever drive for Mercedes, Max initially responded evasively: “In what year are you saying?”

When told the year doesn’t matter, Verstappen responds: “I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen after 2028. I don’t know if I’ll stay in F1 or continue. Maybe sign a new deal. I don’t know yet.”

Mercedes Offers Verstappen Time Amid Red Bull Turmoil. Mercedes Offers Verstappen Time Amid Red Bull Turmoil


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