Mercedes F1 Rues Missed Victory in Canada

Allison Reflects on Frustrating Near-Win


Mercedes F1 laments a near-victory in Canada, as James Allison details the persistent frustration.

James Allison concedes that Mercedes F1 cannot stop thinking that the W15 had the potential to win this weekend. As the technical director, he witnessed the team’s best performance of the year with third and fourth places, thanks notably to a Montreal track that suited the car well.

“We expected it to perform well,” Allison stated. “We expected it to perform slightly better in Canada than in Monaco, since the Canadian circuit, though unusual, is more standard than Monaco’s.”

“And that’s what it did, it allowed for better performance. The track made the car easier to drive, well-balanced, and transformed it into a driver’s ally rather than something they were battling against, which has been problematic for us at the start of this season.”

“And Montreal… It could have been a victory, and you can’t get it out of your head, even if you try hard. But the main feeling is satisfaction from having made a new step forward with the car, the first weekend we could claim to be competitive, and perhaps a harbinger of better things to come.”

Since 2022, Mercedes has been struggling with a car that is very difficult to handle in all conditions. Allison believes the operational window is now wider, yet not sufficient: “I think we still have a lot to do.”

“We will know for sure when we go to the next circuit, which is Barcelona, because there really is a very significant range of cornering conditions. The track is also much hotter and so it will be a fairly severe test for a vehicle.”

Montreal’s layout favored the W15.

However, he confirms that the circuit favored Mercedes and that the W15 still needs more performance: “The changes we have made definitely make this a better car, and that will be true on any circuit we go to.”

“The characteristics of Montreal probably make it seem a bit faster than what we naturally have the right to command in the upcoming races. I think it’s more likely that we will be competitive, but not at the front.”

“The upcoming circuits constitute a somewhat harsher test for a car: The asphalt is hot, the cornering speeds are higher, etc. That said, I also know what awaits us. I also know what we plan to do to improve the car. Our challenge is to ensure that these improvements arrive at a pace that others cannot keep up with.”

“And in doing so, it is about propelling our car forward through the efforts made by everyone here over the weeks and months to come so that the car can realize its Montreal weekend or better on any circuit we encounter in the future.”

Mercedes F1 Rues Missed Victory in Canada

Mercedes F1 Rues Missed Victory in Canada. Mercedes F1 Rues Missed Victory in Canada


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