Mercedes 2026 Engine Vision

Mercedes HPP Unveils 2026 Engine Vision at W15 Launch


At the Mercedes W15 unveiling, Hywel Thomas shared insights into the 2026 engine’s progress, highlighting the strategic focus and innovation at Mercedes HPP.

On the sidelines of the Mercedes W15 presentation at Silverstone last week, Hywel Thomas, the head of Mercedes HPP, the German team’s engine department, was also questioned about the progress at the Brixworth factory regarding the 2026 engine.

Without giving away too much detail, he updated on the resources dedicated to the new power unit, which are obviously increasing.

“The regulations for the coming seasons deliberately restrict us, so more and more engineering and operational personnel are being mobilized and are part of the 2026 project. It’s an exciting time. We have these regulatory changes about every ten years. There will be many people who have never experienced this before. Similarly, there are those among us with previous experience, so no matter how you look at it, these new regulations energize everyone.”

Mercedes Embraces F1’s Future Innovation

“There’s a real chance to see with your staff everything you can do from a technical standpoint. It’s a wonderful time. It’s hard work and there are many setbacks as well as advancements. But ultimately, it’s incredibly stimulating to work on a new product, to implement some of the ideas we’ve had over the years, and to see them come to fruition.”

What does he think of the new rules? Is it still the promise of being at the forefront of innovation in F1 as was the case in 2014?

“It’s great to have rules that have attracted new manufacturers and that are clearly relevant in the real world. This applies to what’s happening at Mercedes-Benz and in our research and development areas; for example, we have a 50-50 split between the combustion engine side and the electric side, and that’s a fascinating perspective.”

“It’s an opportunity to showcase our talent, our innovation, and the possibilities that the sport can bring. It’s awesome, and people are walking around the corridors with a smile on their face as they approach this project.”

“We are already busy experimenting and cutting our teeth on it, all the while knowing that the final product will end up on the track and be judged by millions of people every other weekend.”

Mercedes 2026 Engine Vision. Mercedes 2026 Engine Vision


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