McLaren's Stella Warns Verstappen Race Isn't Over

Stella to Verstappen: World Continues Even If Passed


McLaren’s Andrea Stella challenges Max Verstappen, asserting the race won’t end even if he’s overtaken.

McLaren F1 has numerous reasons to be satisfied after the Austrian weekend, as Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri were consistently the only ones capable of competing with Max Verstappen. Andrea Stella, their director, is pleased to see his team always at the forefront.

“We come out of this event in Austria with a double podium in the Sprint and a podium for Oscar in the main race, which once again confirms the team’s trajectory. We are now in a position to fight for the top spots on all types of circuits,” said Stella.

“This confirms many strengths, in terms of car performance, operations, and the work of the whole team, united in trying to bring McLaren to the front of the grid,” continues the Italian, who notes, however, that there are several reasons to feel frustrated after this weekend.

“At the same time, there’s quite a bit of frustration, because of what happened on Saturday with the deletion of Oscar’s fast lap, and during the race, with the collision between Lando and Max, which prevented us from seeing that battle unfold until the chequered flag, which would have been very exciting. We assessed that the car was not in a condition to continue because the bodywork was completely destroyed, unfortunately, not just the floor.”

“This is no reason to act this way.”

Stella then revisits the on-track clash and once again deplores that Verstappen is so unyielding in the race: “I’m going to talk about Lando in more detail. We were able to discuss at length. I think he said the right things by stating it’s a great battle, but there’s no need to act so desperately.”

“There’s no need to think like Max does that the world will stop if the overtaking maneuver of the car behind him succeeds. I say to Max: ‘you will have other proper opportunities, it’s not now that the world will stop for you.’ There’s no need for him to act desperately, he’s not aiming for his first victory.”

“I understand he races to win and nothing else. But that’s no reason to act this way. This is the kind of message we want to convey, we would hope that this will be the case in the future.”

“We will make sure to use this frustration to be even more determined and motivated to further strengthen our strong points and be ready for a second half of the season, which has all the conditions to be very exciting for McLaren F1, its members, and its fans.”

McLaren's Stella Warns Verstappen Race Isn't Over

McLaren’s Stella Warns Verstappen: Race Isn’t Over. McLaren’s Stella Warns Verstappen: Race Isn’t Over


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