McLaren Young Drivers Talent

McLaren’s Future Bright with Norris, Piastri, O’Ward


McLaren F1’s vibrant future shines with Norris and Piastri leading, backed by talents like O’Ward eyeing Formula 1.

In the competitive realm of Formula 1, McLaren showcases promising future with young drivers Norris and Piastri at the helm.

With Lando Norris (24 years old) and Oscar Piastri (22 years old), McLaren F1 team boasts two excellent drivers for many years ahead.

Behind the scenes, the British team also includes Ryo Hirakawa and Pato O’Ward as reserve drivers. The latter has seen success with McLaren’s IndyCar team but has never hidden his aspiration to someday make the switch to Formula 1.

However, time is gradually running out for that to happen. The Mexican is already 24 years old, and with so many young talents making their way into the premier category of motorsport in recent years, it becomes less likely with each passing year that O’Ward will get his chance.

The Mexican himself – who briefly was part of the Red Bull Junior Team – has set a deadline for his dream to materialize.

“By the time I’m 27, I want to be in Formula 1, or I’ll give it up. I’ll be 25 this year, and although I want to remain in peak form until I’m 30, there are younger people coming up behind me. I might be better or more experienced, but if they can develop someone, I wouldn’t be the first choice. You have to be in shape in this category if you want a future in Formula 1. But once you reach 27 or 28, it gets very tough.”

“If it doesn’t work out within three years, it won’t happen. It’s true that during Formula 1 testing, I show I have enough quality to be a regular driver, but if I don’t get a chance, it’s harder to keep motivated.”

According to the Mexican, “McLaren’s belief is waning. The team wouldn’t invest millions to regularly let me test their F1 car otherwise.”

McLaren Young Drivers Talent

McLaren Young Drivers Talent. McLaren Young Drivers Talent


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