McLaren F1 Seeks Specific Upgrades for Slow Turns

McLaren F1 Seeks Specific Upgrades for Slow Turns


McLaren F1 targets specific enhancements for slow corners as the Miami package falls short.

Andrea Stella is cautious about the upgrades McLaren F1 brought to Miami. The team director does not believe it will resolve the issue of low-speed corners for the Woking-based team.

“Not as much as we would have liked. There are more specific improvements we need to make for low-speed vehicles,” stated Stella, who nevertheless acknowledges the “good step forward” that this package represents.

“I think it’s difficult to find a good compromise between low speeds and high speeds, regardless of the car type, and for various specific reasons. Normally, one of the reasons is the ride height, as even the previous generation of cars reached a certain level of ground effect.”

“But these cars are much more dependent on ground effect. For this car, it is more about an element of ground clearance and how we manage what happens on the floor, around the floor, and under the floor.”

Oscar Piastri does not have all the upgrades this weekend and will have the full package at Imola. However, Stella explains that the Australian driver still has some new parts this weekend, as some pieces were easily fitted.

“We tested a combination of these improvements and there was enough communication between the different parts of the car that it was possible to improve them by 50%. This is the front wing on a single car without necessarily having to modify the floor and the sidepods at the same time.”

Asked before the weekend, Stella admitted that introducing a new package during a Sprint weekend is not simple, but reassured about the spare parts: “In terms of parts, yes. The main issue with it being a Sprint event is that after one hour, testing is over. That’s why these operations are not without risk.”

“We simply have to manage this type of risk in the most comprehensive, proactive, and foresighted way possible. That’s what we tried to do, but we are ready to face some surprises – which, I hope, will not be too dramatic – and we hope that we will be able to race for the entire duration of the Sprint event.”

McLaren F1 Seeks Specific Upgrades for Slow Turns

McLaren F1 Seeks Specific Upgrades for Slow Turns. McLaren F1 Seeks Specific Upgrades for Slow Turns

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