Max Verstappen's Inhuman Skills Dazzle at Chinese GP

Max Verstappen’s Inhuman Skills Dazzle at Chinese GP


Max Verstappen showcases ‘almost inhuman’ prowess, dominating the Chinese Grand Prix with exceptional skill.

Christian Horner is clearly running out of superlatives when it comes to commenting on Max Verstappen’s performances in the media.

After describing his yesterday’s Sprint and qualifying performance as “clinical,” today he used the adjective “inhuman” to assess the performance of the triple world champion at the Chinese Grand Prix, which he won imperially despite two safety cars.

“Max was in fantastic form all weekend, but the team was also exceptional this weekend, to win the sprint, secure the front row, the pole position, and the front row one-two for the race.”

“In the race, we finished first and third, but I think we were unlucky with the safety car for Sergio (Perez).”

“Max is on another planet right now, his form is absolutely fantastic.”

Comparing Verstappen to the rest of the grid, he added: “It varies from circuit to circuit, but he is completely one with his machine and he has this incredible feeling and empathy with the car, the grip and the conditions, and confidence in himself.”

“Max has the ability to understand the tires, when they need to be pushed, when they need to be preserved, and he has an incredible ultra-complete racing brain, it’s almost inhuman what he is capable of.”

Dr. Helmut Marko also had high praise at the finish.

“We had a bit of stress two laps before the end, as there was debris that Max drove over, but Max drives absolutely perfectly at every stage of the race. He is mindful of the tires.”

“I think we can think back to the world title. He is one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers. He is currently between number two and number five of all time. He will only be 27 this year so there is still a lot to come for him.”

Max Verstappen's Inhuman Skills Dazzle at Chinese GP

Max Verstappen’s Inhuman Skills Dazzle at Chinese GP. Max Verstappen’s Inhuman Skills Dazzle at Chinese GP

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