Haas F1 Excels Again Hülkenberg Cleared After Probe

Haas F1 Excels Again, Hülkenberg Cleared After Probe


Following a rigorous investigation, Nico Hülkenberg is cleared, securing a vital point for Haas F1 in the Chinese Grand Prix.

Nico Hülkenberg was under investigation for overtaking under safety car conditions during the Chinese Grand Prix, but the outcome has now been confirmed.

The German faced a potential penalty for passing Ricciardo under safety car conditions, but since the Australian was moving too slowly, FIA Article 55.8 h) allowed Hülkenberg to overtake. Thus, his 10th place point is preserved.

“It was a tough race but faultless and clean from my side today. I think it was a well-managed and well-controlled race by the team. It’s positive and I’m very happy about it – we secured the point that was up for grabs today.”

“One of the top five teams had an issue and that’s the position we ended up in thanks to that, otherwise it’s not really possible to compete with them.”

“This weekend also shows that we need to have perfect qualifying on Saturday and a perfect race on Sunday to be where we are today. We couldn’t have done much more. A point, in our world, is a lot!”

“Miami will be the first of our three home races, I don’t know what to expect, but we hope to do well!”

For Kevin Magnussen, starting further back, there wasn’t really a point in hoping especially since he had a collision with Yuki Tsunoda, which also resulted in a 10-second penalty.

“Today really wasn’t our day, to be honest. We started 17th after a poor qualifying yesterday – we felt the consequences today. Sometimes you can come back, but today it wasn’t possible.”

“We had tried a one-stop strategy, but we had to revise it because the degradation was too severe on the hard tire. As soon as I went out on the new hard tires, I had a puncture due to the incident with Yuki – so I had to pit again for mediums. It was like having to do a one-stop race, even though we didn’t want to.”

“The car was performing well, we seem to have a decent pace, which was also the case during the Sprint qualifying and Sprint race earlier in the weekend. That’s encouraging for our race in Miami.”

Haas F1 Excels Again Hülkenberg Cleared After Probe

Haas F1 Excels Again, Hülkenberg Cleared After Probe. Haas F1 Excels Again, Hülkenberg Cleared After Probe

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