Massa Foresees Ferrari Challenge F1 2024

Massa Eyes Ferrari’s Bold Challenge to Red Bull in ’24


As the 2024 Formula 1 season gears up, Felipe Massa, the renowned ex-Ferrari driver, foresees a fierce rivalry unfolding between Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. This anticipation marks what could be a defining year for Ferrari, a team with a legacy of triumphs and near misses. Massa, who himself was on the verge of clinching the championship for Ferrari in 2008, now observes a rejuvenated strength within the team, especially in Charles Leclerc.

Felipe Massa hopes that Ferrari can compete with Red Bull Racing in 2024. The Brazilian, who was under contract with the Italian team from 2006 to 2013, believes that Charles Leclerc at Ferrari has the best chance to challenge Max Verstappen. Massa explains why he prefers the Monégasque over Carlos Sainz.

It was a close call, but Felipe Massa almost became the last Ferrari champion. In 2008, the Brazilian saw the world title slip away in the final seconds, making Kimi Räikkönen (2007) still the most recent Ferrari world champion to date. After the first races of 2022, it seemed Leclerc might finally make a serious bid for the title, but the combination of Red Bull and Verstappen proved too strong.

In 2023, high tire wear frequently caused issues, but towards the end of the season, Ferrari seemed to increasingly get the problem under control. According to Massa, Sainz, who with his victory in Singapore prevented a perfect season for Red Bull, and Leclerc are excellent drivers. Whether the world title is achievable depends largely on Ferrari. “Ferrari has two very good drivers who work well together. They just need a competitive car to show the level at which they can perform in a title fight,” Massa said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Leclerc must challenge Verstappen.

In 2023, Sainz and Leclerc managed to impress occasionally, but if Massa had to bet on the driver with the best chance against Verstappen, the Brazilian would choose Leclerc. “I see a slight advantage for Leclerc,” begins Massa. “He drove incredible races in 2023 and came into his own in the second half of the season. He is a master in qualifying because he always manages to extract the maximum from the car in a single lap. I must admit, he also made mistakes. But when there is a lot of pressure and few chances to win, it’s easier to make mistakes,” says Massa, who then makes a comparison with Verstappen.

“For Verstappen, who always starts at the front and has a car that behaves perfectly, it’s much easier,” he explains. “I hope that Charles (Leclerc, ed.) will finally have a competitive Ferrari, without the reliability issues of the past years. And I hope he will deliver the consistent performances needed to challenge Max (Verstappen, ed.) in the fight for the championship. It’s been too long. It’s clear that the problem in Maranello is definitely not the drivers,” concludes Massa.

Massa Foresees Ferrari Challenge Red Bull in 2024 F1 . Massa Foresees Ferrari Challenge Red Bull in 2024 F1

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