Marko Shocked by Mercedes F1's Ongoing Struggles

Marko Shocked by Mercedes F1’s Ongoing Struggles


Dr. Helmut Marko expresses shock at Mercedes F1’s failure to adapt to new regulations, highlighting three competitive seasons lost despite changes.

Dr. Helmut Marko admits he is surprised that Mercedes F1 has still not mastered the new ground effect regulations after three seasons. Former F1 driver Christian Danner recently stated that he believed the death of Niki Lauda, the former non-executive chairman, could explain Mercedes’ current difficulties.

“It’s not that simple,” said Marko, the F1 consultant for Red Bull, to the Osterreich newspaper. “You don’t fall into such a quagmire overnight. But what is alarming is that it’s been three seasons now that they’re no longer competitive.”

Some observers think that Mercedes’ crisis has even worsened in 2024, after the Brackley-based team abandoned its pontoon wing concept over the winter and adopted a more conventional solution.

Toto Wolff, the team boss, remains optimistic and often appears positive about the situation, while others, including Marko, think that all alarms should be ringing.

“They are probably ringing. What disturbs me most is that their car is sometimes very fast, which makes me think they have figured it out. But it’s never more than a flash in the pan.”

Another Austrian newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, wonders if Marko has any advice to give to Wolff, who has overseen Mercedes’ decline after so many years of dominance: “That’s a good question. I am myself surprised by the situation.”

“In Brazil 2022, after George Russell’s victory, we thought things were going to improve. But so far, they haven’t shown consistency. The car performs well on some circuits and not at all on others. The reasons are certainly more related to the chassis, and they haven’t found the solution yet.”

 Marko Shocked by Mercedes F1's Ongoing Struggles

Marko Shocked by Mercedes F1’s Ongoing Struggles. Marko Shocked by Mercedes F1’s Ongoing Struggles

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