Marko Mintzlaff Red Bull Meeting

Marko Clears Air with Mintzlaff Amid Red Bull Crisis


In a crucial meeting during the Saudi Arabian GP, Dr. Helmut Marko and Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff resolved tensions, addressing rumors and focusing on future victories.

Dr. Helmut Marko has emphasized that “everything has been clarified” following a crisis meeting with Red Bull GmbH’s CEO, Oliver Mintzlaff, during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Ahead of the Jeddah qualifying, rumors circulated that Marko was to be suspended from his role as a motorsport advisor at Red Bull GmbH, with the team believing he might be responsible for several leaks to the media regarding the recent investigation into Christian Horner.

Marko maintained that “there was no legal basis for my suspension” and stated the aim was to steer Verstappen towards another title.

“Horner and I have been working together for 19 years, and issues need to be resolved. I had a very constructive meeting with Mr. Mintzlaff, and I believe everything has been clarified.”

“We had a discussion after the possibility of my suspension came up. And rumors spread (about the leaks). But there was no legal basis.”

“The media leak is completely absurd. I’m glad to know how to use my mobile phone. I’ve never seen any of these chat messages.”

“If anyone had this desire or idea of suspending me, it’s clear that there is no legal ground.”

“Our goal is to win the championship for the fourth time with Max, and for that, we all need to work together.”

“It was a very good conversation. Of course, calm must return to the team. That’s the priority. We agree on all points. I will continue here. My contract still has three years to run. But calm needs to return.”

Marko also wants to thank Max Verstappen for his public support.

“Toto Wolff says contracts don’t mean much in Formula 1… but I was really grateful for Max’s loyalty and can only say that I was impressed and thankful for his words.”

From his side, Oliver Mintzlaff also wishes to de-escalate the situation.

“We are satisfied with our management. We had a good conversation with Helmut, but we want to focus on the sport and win our second victory of the season. We don’t want to discuss HR topics in front of the whole world.”

Is this the end of the story? No. Chalem Yoovidyah (Thai majority shareholder) and Mintzlaff are to meet on Sunday in Dubai. If Yoovidyah backs Horner as the majority shareholder, Mintzlaff may need to align.

This brings us back to the question of whether calm can truly be restored if everyone remains in place, what happens to Marko in his management of the team with a still-present Christian Horner – and, as he clearly stated, how this also affects Verstappen.

Marko Mintzlaff Red Bull Meeting. Marko Mintzlaff Red Bull Meeting


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