Marko Hails Tsunoda A Mature Formula 1 Driver

Marko Hails Tsunoda: “A Mature Formula 1 Driver”


Yuki Tsunoda’s impressive early-season performance catches Helmut Marko’s eye, marking a significant impact in F1 circles.

“He has the right speed and a very unique character,” he stated.

“He doesn’t fit into any boxes, which some may not like much. But what’s crucial is the speed. I’ve also read he’s a huge favorite among the younger fans.”

The Austrian also praises Tsunoda’s ability to maintain his position ahead of the Haas: “The Haas is a fast car, but Yuki was flawless throughout the weekend. It’s a confirmation that he is definitely a mature Formula 1 driver. This gives us confidence for the future.”

Could this position him at Red Bull Racing in 2025?

“He needs to continue showing us what he’s doing right now, to confirm.”

Marko doesn’t put down Daniel Ricciardo, who is currently in the shadow of his teammate. The Red Bull advisor is convinced that the Australian can still turn the situation in his favor.

“Things haven’t gone very well for Ricciardo in the last three races. He needs a car in which he feels secure and confident. I hope the team can provide that for him so he can at least be on an equal footing with Yuki.”

Despite the Horner issue and rumors of Max Verstappen’s departure, Marko remains calm: “I hope things will be calmer in all respects for the rest of the year. As long as we have a car capable of winning, there’s no reason for Max to leave. He wants to win a few more world championships.”

Marko Hails Tsunoda: “A Mature Formula 1 Driver”. Marko Hails Tsunoda: “A Mature Formula 1 Driver”


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