Marko Doubts Verstappen's Fit with Ferrari Team

Marko Doubts Verstappen’s Fit with Ferrari Team


Red Bull’s Helmut Marko suggests Max Verstappen would face challenges if he switched to Ferrari, lacking the “symbiosis” he has developed with Red Bull, potentially diminishing his dominance.

Red Bull advisor Dr. Helmut Marko stated that if Max Verstappen raced for Ferrari, “things would be different” in F1, with less domination like the one he enjoys with Red Bull.

The 80-year-old Austrian believes that the Verstappen/Red Bull pairing is an “unbeatable combination,” a view reinforced by how the Dutch driver won his two most recent F1 driver titles.

“He always wants to be in the fastest car, and Max in the Red Bull is an unbeatable combination.”

“But if you put Max in a Ferrari, things would be different. He wouldn’t have that symbiosis he has with his Red Bull, not right away, anyway. The 20-second lead he has over Checo [Perez] in the race corresponds to his superiority in terms of driving.”

“Max will drive where he has the best car, and he has it at Red Bull. Nothing else is on the horizon.”

When asked if Perez’s return to form was due to him being more comfortable this season with an F1 more suited to Verstappen, Marko quickly refocused on the Dutchman.

“That’s true, but Max is always looking for the fastest setup.”

“Of course, it’s not always easy to drive. When a car is fast, it’s twitchy and tricky. That’s where driving skills come into play. That’s why Max is always the fastest in the qualifying sessions.”

“Then he knows how to manage that twitchiness in the race to maintain an edge over Checo. But Checo has stopped tinkering with settings like last year. And since then, he’s been much closer to Max.”

Marko Doubts Verstappen’s Fit with Ferrari Team. Marko Doubts Verstappen’s Fit with Ferrari Team

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