Marko Calls for Calm Amid Internal Politics

Marko Calls for Calm Amid Internal Politics


Dr. Helmut Marko emphasizes the urgent need for tranquility at Red Bull F1, addressing internal political challenges and recent team sale rumors.

Dr. Helmut Marko has denounced recent rumors linking Red Bull’s second Formula 1 team to a buyout, while admitting that there are ongoing internal “political” disturbances to resolve.

A specialized news source in Japan reported this week that former Haas F1 boss Gunther Steiner might be backed by an investor group eyeing RB F1—formerly known as Toro Rosso and AlphaTauri.

However, Marko, the Austrian consultant for Red Bull in F1, asserts that the rumors are untrue.

“I really don’t understand where these things come from. Everything has been clarified and settled with the shareholders. Maybe my statements were too ambiguous on this matter but I do not believe the Red Bull group wants to sell its second team. In any case, I am not aware if that is the case.”

What is unresolved, however, is the clear power struggle for leadership currently taking place at Red Bull—which might explain the recent sale rumors of RB.

The saga has become publicly quieter over the past several weeks.

“At the core, it is now about restoring calm within the team,” Marko insists. “And it’s urgent. As we saw in Australia, Ferrari is there when we are not at 100%.”

“Other factors played a role, but our goal must be a fourth consecutive world championship title. Everything else is subordinate to that.”

There is no doubt that Red Bull Racing—and even higher within the famous energy drink company—has indeed split into two camps.

On one side are Christian Horner and the Thai faction that holds 51 percent of the shares, and on the other side is the Austrian faction—with 80-year-old Marko in this camp.

“It’s politics,” says Marko without denial, “and it doesn’t concern me for the moment. The main thing is to win the world championship.”

Rumors persist that Max Verstappen might still leave the team. The triple world champion recently publicly supported his mentor.

“It was a very big sign of loyalty,” admits Marko. Regarding the possibility of Verstappen leaving if Marko were to depart, he responds: “I do not take that for granted at all, especially in our times.”

“Max is incredibly focused. He doesn’t need a team around him to assist in these situations. He is an exceptional phenomenon at just 26 years old and he is following his own path—and that’s a very good thing.”

Marko Calls for Calm Amid Internal Politics

Marko Calls for Calm Amid Internal Politics. Marko Calls for Calm Amid Internal Politics

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