Carlos Sainz Evaluates Future F1 Options Amid Uncertainty

Carlos Sainz Evaluates Future F1 Options Amid Uncertainty


Amidst a tumultuous F1 driver market, Carlos Sainz deliberates on his open options for the 2025 season.

Carlos Sainz remains relaxed about his future in F1, insisting that the “best options” in the driver market are “still open.”

The Spaniard is looking for a drive for 2025 following Ferrari’s decision to hire Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion joining Charles Leclerc next season.

Fernando Alonso’s major decision to commit his future to Aston Martin has closed a potential door for Sainz, but there are several other options available in what is proving to be a volatile driver market.

Sainz has been mainly linked to the Audi F1 project and Hamilton’s vacant seat at Mercedes, while he could find himself in contention for a Red Bull seat should they decide to replace Sergio Perez, which seems unlikely according to Dr. Marko’s comments today. Williams would finally be a last alternative.

“Of course, all my best options are still open,” said the current Ferrari driver before the Chinese Grand Prix this Thursday.

“I think it’s a positive thing and something that takes a bit of time given the market situation. It will take time for everyone to form their own opinion and make their own decisions. But the good options remain open.”

“There has been virtually no progress in the last two weeks, so there really isn’t anything to tell you.”

“Obviously, we are reaching a point where the sooner everything develops, the better it is, it’s not at all as if it affects my performance this year, but at the same time, it’s better to get this out of my head as soon as possible.”

“But it requires a decision to be made, so now it’s time to let that happen and see how things progress.”

However, Sainz says that making a good decision is a bit like a lottery because “it’s impossible to know at this point who will do things right for 2026.”

“So even when I make the decision about where I will be in 2026/2027 – no matter how much you talk to the teams, how much they sell you their engine performance – the reality is that no one knows.”

“If someone wins in 2026, in my opinion, it’s not because of a smart decision now, but because they are simply in the right place at the right time.”

“As for 2025, my opinion is of course this: with the level I am currently showing, it is clear that being in a competitive car would be very attractive to me. But again, it’s not up to me and I have to continue to wait.”

Carlos Sainz Evaluates Future F1 Options Amid Uncertainty

Carlos Sainz Evaluates Future F1 Options Amid Uncertainty. Carlos Sainz Evaluates Future F1 Options Amid Uncertainty

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