Magnussen Verstappen Father Independence

Magnussen Shuns Father’s Influence, Unlike Verstappen


Kevin Magnussen deliberately distances himself from his father’s influence in his F1 career, contrasting sharply with Max Verstappen’s family dynamics.

Jos Verstappen recently stirred significant controversy by publicly highlighting the power struggle within Red Bull between the Austrian and Thai shareholders.

The Austrians, backed by the Verstappens, Helmut Marko, and Adrian Newey, are advocating for Christian Horner’s departure to prevent the team’s disintegration, while the Thais prefer to keep Horner, despite the risk of losing team members!

This revelation by Jos Verstappen (who was absent from the Djeddah paddock this weekend due to a rally event in Belgium) has undoubtedly become the focal point of discussions.

When asked about this, Kevin Magnussen shared why he wanted his father (Jan, a former F1 driver) to remain distant from his career.

“The question should be directed to Max to understand his perspective. However, in my case, I made every effort to avoid such situations.”

“Early in my career, I made it abundantly clear to my father that I did not want his involvement.”

“He had to adjust to this, but I was very, very explicit about wanting to embark on this journey and project on my own.”

“He had his own career, so I suggested he focus on that, and he has been fantastic in respecting that.”

“I feel like I am my own driver, I’ve tried to absorb as much as possible from my father, and having the privilege to constantly learn and ask questions throughout my life has been a real boon.”

“When it came to racing and managing my career, I didn’t want his influence.”

“I assembled my own team of people, didn’t consult my father, didn’t pick his managers or anything. I did my own thing, and it has worked out well.”

Magnussen Verstappen Father Independence. Magnussen Verstappen Father Independence


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