Magnussen Improves F1 Performance

Magnussen Vows to Improve vs Hülkenberg in F1


Kevin Magnussen commits to boosting his F1 performance against teammate Nico Hülkenberg, after feedback on his qualifying pace.

Following Bahrain, as well as throughout the 2023 season where Hülkenberg consistently outpaced him in single-lap speed, Haas F1’s new team principal, Ayao Komatsu, remarked that Magnussen trailing the German by seven-tenths in qualifying was “unacceptable.”

Komatsu underscores that the issue stems from the Dane’s driving style rather than a lack of talent, yet Magnussen openly admits the onus is on him to adjust.

“It’s an area I need to improve on, managing to deliver a strong qualifying lap whenever it’s needed.”

“On the flip side, my race performance is solid, so I don’t want to compromise there either. But my driving style and how I set up the car are probably better suited for racing.”

“However, I don’t want to be on the verge of getting eliminated in Q1 when I know the car has more potential. I believe a poor front wing balance in Bahrain was the issue, which is easily fixable.”

On a more positive note, Haas has made significant strides in race pace with the VF-24, as the VF-23 was notorious for its rapid tire degradation.

“It was a huge relief not to be at a disadvantage against the competition. I feel we’re now on equal footing in terms of strategic options and tire longevity, and yes, it’s a significant relief given we have 23 races ahead!”

“This also means we’re in a position to overtake. Last year, attempting a maneuver to gain a position didn’t make much difference because, in the end, you’d still be slow.”

“This made the first race more enjoyable and rewarding, and it’s something we need to continue to prove.”

Magnussen Improves F1 Performance. Magnussen Improves F1 Performance.


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