Lewis Hamilton s 8th Title What Eddie Irvine
Lewis Hamilton wearing a smile while engaging with the press.

Eddie Irvine Skeptical About Lewis Hamilton’s 8th Title Quest


Former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine shares his doubts about Lewis Hamilton’s chances of surpassing Michael Schumacher‘s seven world championship titles and securing an eighth in the highly competitive F1 landscape.

Eddie Irvine says he doesn’t expect Lewis Hamilton to surpass the record of his former teammate, Irishman Michael Schumacher, of seven world championship titles.

Both men are tied with seven titles since the end of 2020, but the Mercedes F1 driver has made no secret of his desire to pursue an 8th title in order to hold the absolute record in the sport.

However, Irvine believes that the British driver now has far fewer favorable cards in his hands.

“The era of Hamilton and Mercedes triumphs is now over, but Lewis is still a very good driver, very focused on his goals, and eager to achieve results,” Irvine confides.

“He still does an excellent job behind the wheel of an F1 car. Comparing him to Verstappen is also very challenging, as Max is younger, has a bit more speed, and an immense belief in his abilities,” Irvine states.

“Lewis’s prospects will depend on the competitiveness of Mercedes in 2024. With his experience, he has demonstrated that he knows how to seize every opportunity that arises, both in qualifying and in the race,” Irvine remarks.

“However, I doubt he will be able to win the championship again to fulfill his dream of securing his eighth title,” Irvine expresses.

Lewis Hamilton’s 8th Title: What Eddie Irvine. Lewis Hamilton’s 8th Title: What Eddie Irvine

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