Leclerc 2024 Season Goals

Leclerc Targets Comprehensive Triumph in 2024 Season


Charles Leclerc sets his sights high for 2024, not satisfied with mere wins but seeking comprehensive dominance in the season.

Charles Leclerc is not content with aiming for just a few wins in 2024, after a 2023 season in which he failed to secure the top podium spot. The Ferrari driver seeks to reclaim it, yet achieving this will not be enough for him as he aims for a season filled with maximum success.

“No, it’s not enough,” Leclerc states firmly. “I aim to win as many races as possible, and we’ll tally up at the end of the year to gauge where we stand after the first race, to understand our competitive edge.”

“It’s quite challenging to predict our position after the first race; it will depend on that too, but two or three victories aren’t my goal. I aim to win as many races as possible.”

However, the disappointing 2023 season does not add pressure: “More pressure? Absolutely not. More motivation? I’ve always been highly motivated, so it’s hard to be even more so.”

“I’m just extremely motivated and eager for victories. In 2023, I didn’t achieve any wins, and I’m looking forward to returning to the top of the podium, especially with Ferrari. So, I’m fully motivated. Does it make me more motivated? Not really.”

“Closing the gap on Red Bull”

Leclerc would like to believe he can compete with Red Bull from the start of the season, but the Monégasque is not taking it for granted. However, he is convinced that Ferrari will continue to close in on the reigning champions, as was the case towards the end of last year.

“I think 2023 was a disappointing season overall because we were not fighting for the positions we wanted, but I believe the team responded very well from the first race, where the result was disappointing.”

“The team’s dynamic, the directions we’ve taken, and the various decisions made during the second half of the season have all been very good and allowed us to rapidly and increasingly close the gap on Red Bull.”

“Our goal is to start on the same footing as last year and progress in the same manner to put Red Bull under pressure as soon as possible during the season. It’s impossible for me to say if that’s enough to pressure them from the first race.”

“But one thing is certain: we’ve worked very, very well during the second half of the year, our directions have been clearly set, and now we must see where we stand at the first race.”

Leclerc 2024 Season Goals f1. Leclerc 2024 Season Goals f1.


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