Hülkenberg Praises Komatsu’s Effort to Retain Him


Nico Hülkenberg highlights Ayao Komatsu’s determined effort to keep him at Haas F1 for 2024.

Nico Hülkenberg has commended Ayao Komatsu, the director of Haas F1, for his efforts to retain him on the team next year. The German driver will move to Stake F1 before joining Audi, but he values the work done by the Japanese director, especially his rise to power within the team.

“He’s doing well. He was thrown in at the deep end as the new team leader at the beginning of the year. It came out of nowhere,” said Hülkenberg. “In February, he had a driver’s contract in his hands for the first time. That’s also special, and there are certain things that you need to know and see first.”

“Up until the announcement, it was great working with him. In terms of coordination as well. I spoke openly with him a few weeks ago, I told him there was a good dynamic and that a decision would probably be made as soon as possible. He fought hard, he gave it his all.”

“The decision wasn’t easy for me. I had already thought about it. Haas is the team that made my return possible. But in the end, the best sporting prospect for me personally is simply with Audi.”

Hülkenberg does not believe Haas will disadvantage him with the new developments coming: “I don’t think that will be the case. I believe things will continue to be fair and good. The team and I have every interest in finishing the season as well as possible and with success.”

“We want to try to beat all the other midfield teams, and I don’t think that’s totally unrealistic given the current situation. We will continue to work as a team in the right direction.”

The German knows that his team will eventually restrict his access to development: “Yes, definitely, at some point. In two, three, or four months, I think. Next year, the cars will not change radically. So there will be no major secrets to carry over. I’m relaxed about it.”

Hülkenberg Praises Komatsu's Effort to Retain Him

Hülkenberg Praises Komatsu’s Effort to Retain Him Hülkenberg Praises Komatsu’s Effort to Retain Him

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