Hulkenberg Lauds Haas F1's Remarkable Leap

“Significant Progress in Very Short Time” – Hülkenberg


Nico Hülkenberg highlights Haas F1’s significant advancements in performance and team dynamics this season, marking a year of considerable progress.

Nico Hülkenberg is pleased with the progress Haas F1 has made this year. The German driver has repeatedly expressed his appreciation for the improved dynamics and better race performances on Sundays compared to last year, reiterating his sentiment.

“We’ve made significant progress in a very short amount of time, actually, since December, where the aerodynamics team discovered a lot of performance improvements and addressed the issues we faced last year. This translates to much more consistency during races and better tire longevity,” Hülkenberg explained.

However, he disputes the notion that Haas is the top team in the midfield: “I think it’s important to be cautious with such conclusions. Clearly, at Jeddah, we boosted our case through a tremendous team effort. So, we’re very close to RB.”

“I didn’t see Sauber in that race, but we’re in a tight group with Sauber, with Williams, with even Alpine. So, it really takes very little, and it could swing massively in the other direction. It’s all about, you know, maximizing every weekend, every session.”

“So far, I think we’ve done quite well. I’ve also had a bit of luck on my side, which is always nice. But eventually, others will encounter luck too. The key is to keep developing the car and strengthening every aspect.”

Hülkenberg also commends his relationship with Kevin Magnussen, noting their highly professional collaboration: “We work as a team, as a unit. I believe we desire very similar things from the car.”

“We aim to pull in the same direction, which is always beneficial for a team, allowing it to truly move forward as one. And yes, both on and off the track, you know, we get along well, and that’s a positive thing.”

Hülkenberg Lauds Haas F1’s Remarkable Leap. Hülkenberg Lauds Haas F1’s Remarkable Leap


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