Hülkenberg Aims for Strong Finish in Melbourne

Hülkenberg Aims for Strong Finish in Melbourne


Nico Hülkenberg sets his sights on showcasing Haas F1’s advancements in Melbourne, building on last year’s achievements and overcoming jet lag.

Nico Hülkenberg hopes to continue demonstrating Haas F1’s progress in Melbourne this weekend, where he finished seventh last year. He’s geared up for the weekend on the other side of the world and feels fit despite jet lag.

“I feel good, the sun’s out so jet lag should hit later. I had my first real good night’s sleep, so I hope I’ve beaten jet lag, I feel well and am looking forward to a great weekend,” stated Hülkenberg.

The German praises Haas’s performance early in the season: “The team atmosphere is positive, last year we achieved our best result of the season here, leaving us with good memories from last year and generally from this circuit.”

“We arrive with a good mood, an optimistic outlook, but every weekend requires solid work and leaving nothing to chance since the field is tight. Every practice session counts, and we’re ready to fight.”

“It’s not great” being outside the top 10

Kevin Magnussen acknowledges the frustration of not having the chance to score points when everything goes well, as five teams lead and clearly dominate, securing the top ten positions.

“The fact that even if you have a really good weekend, on paper you still don’t score points, it’s not great,” admits Magnussen. “At the same time, it makes the constructors’ championship even more competitive because you really have to win this ‘category B’ race to stand a chance.”

“If you don’t win, your chances are very slim. But, historically and statistically, there will be opportunities. There will be more than one car in some races among these top ten cars that won’t finish or will have issues.”

“And there will be races where overtaking is hard. And maybe you can get lucky with a safety car or something like that. So it’s not the same everywhere, but it’s definitely harder.”

Reflecting on Melbourne 2014 with “Mixed” Feelings

Magnussen marks a decade in F1, coinciding with the hybrid V6 era, and commends their performance: “I’ve tested with the older atmospheric engines and have also driven V10s and V8s. I’ve driven all these vehicles and I think the performance of these hybrid engines is far more impressive.”

“There’s a nostalgic element to the old engines, and the sound is definitely something I loved growing up and still miss today. Whenever an old car takes to the track, it’s truly unique and beautiful in its own right.”

“So, there’s still a part of me that hopes we can somehow recapture that. But at the same time, I recognize that the world has moved on. Technology has advanced. There are new demands on the technology we have and.”

“You know, its relevance in the market, on the road, for cars is also important. So yes, I’m not sure. Personally, as drivers, we’d love to turn back time and drive with those beautiful engines of the past.”

When asked about his memories of his first race, his only podium to date, he admits to having “mixed” feelings: “It’s been so long. It feels like an eternity ago. A lot has happened since then. It’s a good thing.”

“I’m proud to have made it to the podium in my first race, but at the same time, it’s very frustrating to have spent 10 years and not make it back to the podium. You know, my feelings are mixed about that too. But you know, it was a great weekend.”

“And every time I come here, you know, I kind of feel that feeling. And, you know, in itself, doing your first Formula 1 race is special, no matter where you finish, and making it to the podium was just crazy that weekend. So lots of memories, for sure.”

Hülkenberg Aims for Strong Finish in Melbourne. Hülkenberg Aims for Strong Finish in Melbourne

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