Horner Press Face-off Jos Tensions Staff Suspended

Horner, Press Face-off: Jos Tensions, Staff Suspended


Christian Horner confronts media questions on Jos Verstappen’s tensions and a suspended team member, navigating through a storm of controversy.

Christian Horner was one of the four team principals invited to the FIA press conference today in Jeddah and was undoubtedly the most anticipated given the turbulence shaking his team.

Inevitable questions were posed to him, including his reaction to comments made by Jos Verstappen about him, with Max’s father discussing a torn team that could implode if the team director stayed.

Horner responded very diplomatically and evaded most topics. His responses were guarded and convinced no one.

“I am obviously aware of the comments that have been made.”

“There was a discussion after the race and I think everyone is focused on the future.”

“The team is primarily focused on defending these two world titles we fought so hard for.”

“We are very focused on the future and, as I said, discussions took place after the Bahrain race and we are all looking forward.”

When asked if Jos Verstappen’s presence was a distraction, Horner did not overlook the deep involvement he has had in Max’s career. But he has grown since…

“Clearly, Max’s father has played a key role in his career and his entry into Formula 1. Jos is following his path but so is Max now. We have seen him evolve from a teenager when he joined us to a young man who has achieved what he has. It’s not for me to comment on father and driver relationships. They are all unique among different individuals.”

Regarding the announcement that an employee was suspended following Red Bull’s investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior, no better.

“I cannot comment on anything confidential between the employee and the company.”

Perhaps the Red Bull team director will be more forthcoming on the future of Max Verstappen. Will he finish his contract with them until 2028?

“I am confident he will.”

“He has a great team around him, he has great confidence in this team, and we have achieved a great deal together.”

“He is committed to concluding a contract until 2028 and from both the team’s side and Max’s, we are determined to continue on the success we have already achieved.”

What have been the contents of the discussions he has had with Red Bull since this affair and the fact that it is still dragging on?

“I’m not going to disclose all the private discussions between the parties. Discussions have inevitably taken place and the team is focused on the challenges ahead and the upcoming season.”

“Even though we had a very dominant race in Bahrain, we do not expect this to be the case in the upcoming races. We are fully aware of our competitors’ talent and the efforts needed to beat them.”

Regret or Progress?

Does he regret the potential damages to the team’s and sponsors’ reputation because of this episode?

“Obviously, there has been a lot of media coverage about this, but one has to return to the foundation of the grievance that was raised, which was thoroughly investigated and was dismissed. From there, we move forward.”

“I think a lot has been drawn from this. Obviously, it has generated a great deal of media interest for various reasons. I think it’s now time to look forward and put this behind us.”

“We are here to race, we are here as a Formula 1 team, and it’s time to focus on what happens on the track and the performance of the cars and drivers, where the spotlight should be during a Grand Prix weekend.”

Horner Regrets Personal Life Impact from Controversy

Horner, Press Face-off: Jos Tensions, Staff Suspended

Amid allegations from a Red Bull employee, resulting in a suspension revealed today, Christian Horner shifts his defense strategy.

The Red Bull director laments that the public nature of the controversy bearing his name has impacted his private life, especially his children.

“This has obviously been an extremely trying period.”

“I am married with three children, and when this intrusion involves your children and the scrutiny it has placed on my marriage… and I am very fortunate to have a wonderful family and a wife who supports me immensely.”

“I am the only one named in the controversy, so of course, it’s been very taxing, very challenging.”

“When children are involved, when families, parents, etc., are involved, it’s not pleasant, and the reality is that there was a complaint raised, which was handled in the most professional manner by the group – not by Red Bull Racing but by Red Bull GmbH.”

“They appointed an independent lawyer, who is among the country’s most esteemed, he took the time to thoroughly investigate all the facts, he interviewed all the involved parties as well as other interesting persons.”

“He reviewed everything, he looked at all the facts, and he came to a conclusion in which he dismissed the complaint.”

With his family’s support, including his wife Geri, who traveled to Bahrain for the race, Horner added: “As far as I’m concerned, as far as Red Bull is concerned, we are moving forward and looking to the future.”

“My wife has been phenomenally supportive throughout this matter, as has my family, but the intrusion into my family is now enough. We need to move forward and focus on the reason we are here.”

“I apologize to these three gentlemen [fellow team directors Bruno Famin, Mike Krack, and James Vowles, who sat alongside Horner at the press conference] who are not here to talk about their cars and drivers.”

“It’s now time to focus on the reason we are here, which is to do F1.”

Horner, Press Face-off: Jos Tensions, Staff Suspended. Horner, Press Face-off: Jos Tensions, Staff Suspended

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