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Horner Scandal: Inquiry’s Neutrality Questioned


The integrity of Red Bull’s probe into allegations against Horner faces scrutiny, with doubts over its impartiality emerging.

The fairness of the investigation conducted at the behest of Red Bull GmbH has been called into question by a source close to the young woman who was the victim of harassment and who might be behind the leaks.

British media outlets have reported that one of Christian Horner’s personal assistants is the esteemed Fiona Hewitson (pictured above), responsible for managing the racing team’s communications and the team principal’s schedule.

She is a recognized and respected professional in public relations, specializing in motorsport since her early days with KV Racing Technology in IndyCar about twelve years ago.

Red Bull Office Dynamics

The Red Bull Racing representation office where she works is reportedly based in London, not at the Milton Keynes factory, and her interactions with Horner were mainly during business trips, although she was in daily contact with him.

The disclosure of intimate and sometimes crude messages from the boss to his assistant on WhatsApp was the crux of the investigation’s file, revealed by an anonymous dispatch to numerous F1 stakeholders last Thursday, the day after the English manager received a notably lenient verdict, being exonerated by his employer.

The source of the leak remains unknown, but a confidante of the young woman made a statement to MailOnline, the Daily Mail’s website.

Probe Transparency Doubted

“It’s all utterly appalling,” she lamented. “Horner has been cleared, but most understand that the truth has been obscured, as evidenced by the investigation’s lack of transparency. The revelation of these messages won’t calm matters.”

“Being so close to someone like him, you’re privy to many details that shouldn’t be disclosed,” she continued. “She’s never discussed it with me. We talk daily, and she’s furious, feeling the investigation was biased.”

“Was this investigation truly independent?” she questioned. “I doubt it, and my friend now faces the regrettable likelihood of having to leave a job she loves. Reports claim Horner faced twelve hours of questioning by investigators, but how long was she heard? The disparity is clear.”

Latest reports, according to the highly respected BusinessF1 magazine (see the upcoming issue cover below), suggest the plaintiff is considering legal action against Red Bull for the disclosure of her private documents.

Horner investigation integrity F1

Horner investigation integrity F1 2024. Horner investigation integrity F1 2024.


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