Horner Clears Air on Newey's Red Bull Exit

Horner Clears Air on Newey’s Red Bull Exit


Christian Horner dismisses rumors linking Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull to internal strife.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner emphasized that Adrian Newey’s departure had “absolutely” nothing to do with the power struggle within the Milton Keynes-based team.

It was suggested that Newey had become frustrated with the political turmoil at Red Bull after a complaint against Horner was filed by an employee in February. The complaint was eventually dismissed, but tension within the team remains high.

But Horner refuted the idea that Newey’s departure was due to the current situation, stating it had been in preparation for a year.

“No, absolutely not,” he said in Miami when asked if the departure was related to the turmoil.

“I think it had been on his mind for some time. There was a discussion about 12 months ago about it perhaps being time for Adrian to consider stepping back.”

“So I know it has been on his mind for a while, and it’s something we had to plan for, and what better time to step down than with the form we have had over the last two seasons, with the way the team is performing?”

“He is stepping back, not leaving the company, but moving away from Formula 1, as we are at the peak of our form, and we will be very sad to see him go.”

“He has been a key part of our team for the past two decades. But it will be with sadness that we see him leave.”

Horner Clears Air on Newey's Red Bull Exit

Horner Clears Air on Newey’s Red Bull Exit. Horner Clears Air on Newey’s Red Bull Exit

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