Helmut Marko Slams Magnussen

Marko Calls Out Magnussen: Stricter Penalties Ahead


Dr. Helmut Marko criticizes Kevin Magnussen’s conduct, hinting at possible drive-through penalties for future races.

Like many in the paddock, Dr. Helmut Marko is anything but pleased with Kevin Magnussen’s recent on-track performances.

The Haas F1 driver is on the verge of a race suspension after several incidents in a short time, and not without reason, emphasizes the Red Bull Racing advisor.

“Magnussen did everything during the Sprint race to act as a brake pad for his teammate (Nico Hülkenberg).”

“Not only did he resist Lewis Hamilton recklessly and at any cost, but he also collided with Yuki (Tsunoda). I think he overdid it, and he has 10 penalty points for a reason.”

The 80-year-old Austrian believes the FIA could find a better way to handle such incidents.

“Adjusting the rules and, as Gunther Steiner suggested, imposing a drive-through penalty instead of a 10-second time penalty so that a driver cannot ruin the race for another. This is a possibility in such an extreme case. While I do not wish that we should change the rules after every event, as we need stability, in this case, it really begs the question.”

Under the current rules, Magnussen was not required to give up the positions he held using such methods—which, according to Valtteri Bottas, might be a solution to the problem.

“It would make things easier if the stewards said: ‘you must give back the position within one lap or else, it’s a penalty.’ I think it would make things easier, for sure. It will be a discussion in Imola, for sure, at our briefing.”

“The racing rules are quite clear. I have never had a problem following the rules. For me, it’s quite simple. I think it’s up to the drivers to decide if they stay ahead and take penalties. It’s quite simple to decide, it remains to be seen if we punish more severely.”

Helmut Marko Slams Magnussen Helmut Marko Slams Magnussen

Helmut Marko Slams Magnussen
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