Verstappen Cheers as Red Bull Waives Newey's Leave

No Forced Break for Newey, Verstappen Shows Support


Max Verstappen criticizes the concept of imposing gardening leave on Adrian Newey, calling it ‘unfair’.

Max Verstappen is pleased that Red Bull did not impose gardening leave on Adrian Newey. The designer will leave the company at the beginning of 2025 after completing the development of the RB17 road car, and he will be free to join the team of his choice at that time.

“I’m not surprised because we respect him a lot, and we will always be very grateful for what he has done for the team over all these years,” Verstappen stated. “I am not speaking for Christian or anyone else.”

“I know he needs to discuss it with Christian, about how the release conditions and others are made, but I’m not surprised because in a way, it would also be a bit unfair to put him on gardening leave for a long period, just thinking back to what he’s done for the team. There is mutual respect between both parties.”

Verstappen hopes that Newey’s arrival at a rival team will not be too big an advantage for them, but if he starts at the end of the first quarter of 2025, he will have ample time to influence the design of that team’s 2026 car, as the design is frozen until January 1, 2025.

“I don’t know. I think having someone like Adrian, with his experience and also the knowledge he has of our team, is an advantage. But on the other hand, in 2026, everything will be very new, very different from the way cars are today.”

“Before he potentially joins another team, in 2025, when normally the cars are already designed for the following year. But it’s certain that with the new regulations, if he went elsewhere, with his knowledge, he could bring a lot to a team.”

Verstappen Cheers as Red Bull Waives Newey’s Leave. Verstappen Cheers as Red Bull Waives Newey’s Leave

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