Hamilton's Future F1 Wins James Allison's Take

James Allison Backs Hamilton for Future F1 Wins


James Allison, Mercedes’ Technical Director, strongly believes Lewis Hamilton can return to winning form in Formula 1, despite recent challenges. The focus lies on providing him with a competitive car.

James Allison is confident that Lewis Hamilton has everything it takes to start winning races again in Formula 1. The Technical Director observes that the seven-time champion still possesses an insatiable desire to win Grands Prix, and the recent subpar results are certainly not due to Hamilton’s abilities. Allison acknowledges that Hamilton simply needs a better car to achieve improved outcomes.

Hamilton made his Formula 1 debut in 2007 and has since managed to secure a victory in every season. However, this streak ended in 2022. Since the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021, the seven-time world champion has not won a race. Post the regulatory changes, Mercedes failed to provide Hamilton with a competitive car, and the only race won by the German team in 2022 was claimed by George Russell.

According to Allison, Hamilton’s failure to win is not related to his motivation. The Technical Director expects to see a winning Hamilton soon, provided the Mercedes car allows it. “The most successful drivers have the most compulsive need to win. In Lewis’s case, it’s just a core part of who he is, so there’s no doubt he will win. But whether he can do that will depend much more on the car we provide him than on his own abilities,” Allison stated to Motorsport.com.

Hamilton and Russell Enjoying Their Holidays

Currently, both Hamilton and Russell are not focusing on the new season. Hamilton is still on vacation, and Russell has left England for a skiing holiday. However, a lot is happening behind the scenes in Brackley. Mercedes aims to close the gap with Red Bull Racing, but there’s nothing the drivers can contribute to this process at the moment. “It’s not really part of the year where they can have a different role than observing what we’re doing.”

The wait is on for Mercedes to start the shakedowns and the test days in Bahrain. That’s when the drivers will truly get the chance to feel the car. Then, there will be much more work for Hamilton and Russell. “As soon as the car runs and we can gather data, the driver needs to convey that to us. Then their opinions carry much more weight. So, during the winter, they’re just preparing for the new challenge,” Allison added.

Hamilton’s Future F1 Wins James Allison’s Take. Hamilton’s Future F1 Wins James Allison’s Take

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