Hamilton's Ferrari Move 2025 Massa Chimes In

Massa Reacts to Hamilton’s Ferrari Switch in 2025


Massa comments on Hamilton’s anticipated Ferrari shift in 2025, highlighting its significance for F1.

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025 continues to generate buzz, and this time a former Ferrari driver, who was also Hamilton’s rival on the track, is commenting on this future partnership in F1.

Felipe Massa raced alongside Hamilton on the F1 grid for a decade.

Over Massa’s 15-year career, he drove for Sauber, Ferrari, and Williams. Notably, he finished second in the championship in 2008 when Hamilton clinched his first title with McLaren.

Massa is still pursuing legal action against the FIA, F1, and Bernie Ecclestone over the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix and the controversial “crashgate” incident, which he believes cost him the title against Hamilton.

Massa is now eager to see Hamilton switch his seat at Mercedes F1 for one at Ferrari in 2025.

“For next year, it will be a big change at Ferrari with Lewis’s decision to leave Mercedes.”

“I think it’s really nice, really interesting. Even for marketing. Everyone is talking about it.”

“It will certainly be nice to see Lewis in the red suit in the red car. I think fans are already going crazy about it.”

“I hope he will have a competitive car because Ferrari hasn’t had the right car to fight Red Bull. Let’s see if they can make it, it’s already better this year.”

“And let’s see how it goes with Lewis at the wheel of the Ferrari, it will be interesting to see him up against Charles. It will be a good battle between them.”

“But I’m happy, it will be good for Formula 1, it will be good for the sport too.”

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Hamilton’s Ferrari Move 2025: Massa Chimes In. Hamilton’s Ferrari Move 2025: Massa Chimes In

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