Hamilton Touts Vettel as Top Pick for Mercedes Slot

Hamilton Touts Vettel as Top Pick for Mercedes Slot


Lewis Hamilton endorses Sebastian Vettel as his ideal successor at Mercedes F1, highlighting the vacancy for 2025.

The seven-time world champion will leave Mercedes at the end of the year for Ferrari, creating a vacancy at the German manufacturer for 2025.

Vettel, who retired from F1 in 2022, is just one of the names linked with Mercedes. The 36-year-old German has acknowledged considering a return to the sport, but it’s far from a top priority for him.

And Hamilton, who battled Vettel, then a Ferrari driver, for the world titles in 2017 and 2018, says he would “love” to see the four-time world champion return to F1.

“I would love for Seb to come back, and I think he would be an incredible option for the team,” Hamilton said today in Japan.

“A German driver, a multiple world championship winner, and someone with incredible values that would continue to push the team forward. I would love for him to come back.”

Hamilton understands the void Vettel feels.

“You’re always going to miss something when you leave F1. It’s the greatest sport in the world, the greatest experience in the world. It’s the most incredible feeling to work with a group of people to win and achieve something. For me, nothing will ever be the same after, I already know that.”

Several drivers, including Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, both nearing the end of their contracts, have been linked to the Mercedes seat. Mercedes could also promote its protégé Andrea Kimi Antonelli.

“The only thing I really care about is that the team brings someone in who is well integrated and in tune with the team and where it’s going,” adds Hamilton.

“Someone compassionate, capable of working with great people, and continuing to lift them up. There are so many great people in this team.”

“And as drivers… there are some who are more selfish than others, there are some who are good drivers but maybe not the best within a team, I don’t know because I don’t know them all. But I hope they find someone great.”

“They already have George, and he’s perfect, so finding a good option to pair with him would be nice. I’m sure they have so many good options. There are so many options. And why not a young driver? I think it’s always great to give someone the opportunity to stand out, so the idea of a young driver replacing me is exciting.”

Hamilton Touts Vettel as Top Pick for Mercedes Slot. Hamilton Touts Vettel as Top Pick for Mercedes Slot


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