Hamilton to Ferrari Domenicali Defends Bold Move for 2025

Hamilton to Ferrari: Domenicali Defends Bold Move for 2025


F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali backs Ferrari’s strategic decision to sign Lewis Hamilton over Carlos Sainz, emphasizing the champion’s unmatched value.

Sainz, 29, finds himself in the tricky position of trying to secure a competitive seat for next year, even as he demonstrates exemplary form. However, the market remains stalled by Mercedes F1, waiting to see if a move for Max Verstappen might materialize.

Was Ferrari right in signing Hamilton? Addressing the growing competitiveness of Sainz and Ferrari together, Domenicali told Italian journalist Leo Turrini in an interview, “What does Lewis have to do with it?”

“Does someone think being a seven-time world champion is not necessary?”

“I understand the reasoning, but it’s flawed reasoning.”

“I’d like to start by saying that Carlos is a gentleman driver, and it’s no coincidence he’s currently a hot topic in the transfer market. He will find a position that matches his quality.”

“But with Hamilton, Ferrari made a significant decision, not just on a marketing level. It’s a strategic choice.”

When it was suggested that some think Hamilton – who will be 40 when he dons the famous red suit – is too old for Maranello, Domenicali responded, “Who, Lewis?”

“No. I attend every race, and Hamilton has lost none of his talent and remains as hungry for success as ever.”

Ferrari’s current boss, Frédéric Vasseur, might believe Hamilton can be “the new Schumi” – a reference to how Michael Schumacher’s arrival in red eventually ended the team’s long championship drought in the early 2000s.

“Yes,” Domenicali replied, “but there’s definitely a difference, and I’m not talking about age, even though Michael was much younger when he came to Italy.”

“Schumi was the absolute master while (Eddie) Irvine was clearly number 2. Lewis will now have to compete with someone as good as Leclerc, who will never accept being the number 2.”

“But I think Fred is perfectly capable of managing the situation he helped create.”

The conversation then shifted to Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s current total domination.

“I’m surprised you say that,” laughed Domenicali. “Didn’t we just achieve a fantastic one-two for Ferrari in Australia?”

“More seriously, I understand the objection. We’re living in a historic period dominated by Red Bull. But this isn’t new, there have always been cycles in Formula 1. I was at Ferrari when we won six drivers’ titles and eight constructors’ titles between 1999 and 2008.”

He now hopes Ferrari is on the verge of regaining its former glory.

“In my opinion, they are doing well in Maranello. At Melbourne, the Scuderia put on an extraordinary display of competitiveness. Although, of course, I still see Verstappen as the logical favorite.”

“But Ferrari has made a leap forward, moving ahead of other teams, like Mercedes. It’s significant, not a minor detail.”

Finally, Domenicali was asked to comment on the ongoing power struggle at Red Bull, involving team boss Christian Horner.

“That’s a topic I know absolutely nothing about. So, I have no comment.”

“I just hope that the image of Formula 1 will be respected by everyone involved in our world.”

Hamilton to Ferrari: Domenicali Defends Bold Move for 2025. Hamilton to Ferrari: Domenicali Defends Bold Move for 2025

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