Hamilton parental roles in F1

Hamilton Reflects on F1’s Parental Challenges


Lewis Hamilton discusses the challenges of parental roles in Formula 1, highlighting the complexities of managing family relationships while navigating the demands of a high-level career.

One of the key reasons Max Verstappen has been linked with a move to another team, Mercedes F1, is due to recent comments from his father, Jos, who has been seen several times speaking with the German team’s boss, Toto Wolff, in Bahrain.

Jos Verstappen remains involved in his son’s career alongside his manager, Raymond Vermeulen.

Hamilton on F1 Parental Dynamics

For Lewis Hamilton, managing a parental role can be challenging for an F1 driver, based on his own experience with his father, Anthony.

“I’m not privy to the details of the story between Jos and Horner, so I can’t comment on what his anger might be based on. But at the end of the day, he’s not part of the team; he’s a parent. So, it’s just an opinion, but having such an attitude towards a team director doesn’t help at all.”

“The line is very fine for a driver who has their parents involved in their career. It’s tricky to handle, something I’ve experienced with my own father. It depends on your relationship with your parents. And you meet people in your life who have had great relationships with their parents, they’ve been wonderful parents, and then there are those who have had bad relationships, and it’s not necessarily the people’s fault, it can be caused by the parents.”

Max’s Choices Amid Influences

“I’m not familiar with Max’s relationships; obviously, you hear things here and there, but I think Max is an adult, he’s a champion, and I’m sure he can make his own decisions. But I think, in our world of drivers, it’s very easy to get misled by people whispering in your ear and not always guiding you in the right direction.”

“I’m not saying that’s the case for him because they’re doing quite well, but I know in other sports and other athletes I’ve spoken to, and I’ve experienced it myself sometimes, not having the right advice around you can lead you to make the wrong decisions or to not be able to be your best.”

“Obviously, that’s not the case for Max because he’s performing well. But it’s very hard because you want your parents to be your parents and have good relations with your team, but when business comes into play, it makes things really difficult.”

Hamilton Reflects on F1’s Parental Challenges. Hamilton Reflects on F1’s Parental Challenges


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