Alonso F1 Future Decision 2025

Alonso’s 100% Commitment Key to F1 Future Decision


Alonso emphasizes the importance of full dedication before recommitting to his future in Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso has clarified what he hopes to see in the upcoming races before deciding whether he wishes to commit to an extended future in F1.

Alonso is among the 12 F1 drivers whose contracts end in late 2024. At 42, he is comfortably the oldest driver on the grid, three years senior to his former teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Ahead of the Bahrain season opener, Alonso did not commit to his future, admitting he would ultimately decide whether to stay in F1 after the first few races.

In Saudi Arabia, Alonso elaborated on his earlier comments and what he needs to prove to himself before committing again.

“How I feel, how I experience the initial travels, the airplanes, the time zone differences, how I feel physically, my motivation is crucial for me. I love racing. I adore the competition. It doesn’t matter if I’m fighting for a win, a podium, or a 12th place. I dedicate myself 100% to a race and to a team.”

Alonso’s F1 Future Uncertain

“To commit to the future, I need to ensure I can give 100% to this team. Otherwise, it would be too selfish of me to just sign and be in F1 just for the sake of it. If I’m here, it’s because I want to succeed and I first need to have a conversation with myself, to commit.”

Even though Aston Martin F1 is keen to keep him, Alonso’s decision could naturally lean towards very good teams. Primarily Mercedes F1, who is looking for a replacement for Hamilton, but possibly also to Red Bull in the light of recent developments, if the team were to lose Max Verstappen amidst the current chaos and power struggle.

However, Alonso made it clear that he needs to make a “personal” decision before worrying about which team he would drive for.

“I’m obviously monitoring the situation, what’s happening is quite crazy since Lewis announced his move. There’s not a day without a surprise or a potential opportunity!”

“But I first have to personally commit to dedicating a few more years to F1. If I’m ready to sacrifice other things in life once the decision is made with myself, I try to see what the best possibility is. For now, we are not at that stage yet.”

Alonso F1 Future Decision 2025. Alonso F1 Future Decision 2025.


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