Hamilton Red Bull to Dominate Max the Favorite F1 2024

Hamilton: Red Bull to Dominate, Max the Favorite


Lewis Hamilton concedes Red Bull’s impending dominance and Max Verstappen’s status as the favorite, anticipating a challenging season ahead.

In Bahrain, Red Bull secures victory with a smaller margin, indicating a less dominant performance compared to 2023.

By winning the Bahrain Grand Prix by a 22-second margin, Red Bull made a strong statement, albeit slightly less dominant than in 2023, with the gap halved.

This allows Dr. Helmut Marko to put into perspective the dominance displayed by Max Verstappen yesterday, but Lewis Hamilton fears there might not be many chances to beat the RB20, especially in the hands of Max Verstappen.

Hamilton sees the Milton Keynes team winning everything for a while at least.

“I feel good, not downhearted. I think it was a very average race from us, there was a potential to be much closer in terms of the gap at the finish without our various overheating issues.”

“But Red Bull, you know, they’re going to win everything for a while. Max is the favorite. I don’t think anyone will challenge him for the title this year, but I hope some, like us, will fight for victories here and there.”

“What I see is that in the past few years, we’ve had all these issues and spent several races solving all these issues, trying to figure out what these issues were, whereas now we have a platform we can work on. It’s a building process from here and I think we are a great team to achieve it.”

As for where Mercedes stands in the hierarchy, he said: “Too early to tell. I think the settings weren’t ideal and we are very close to Ferrari. We’re still third in my opinion.”

Hamilton also explained the issue he had with his seat during the race.

“Yeah, honestly, I was braking into turn 1, then the seat moved and my left buttock ended up unsupported. I think it just cracked, something broke, so it moved for a while. As if my buttocks were in the air but just on one side.”

Hamilton: Red Bull to Dominate, Max the Favorite F1 2024. Hamilton: Red Bull to Dominate, Max the Favorite F1 2024


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