Hamilton Ferrari Leclerc Battle

Hamilton’s Battle for Ferrari No.1 Spot Against Leclerc


Ralf Schumacher anticipates a fierce contest as Lewis Hamilton aims for Ferrari’s top position, challenging Charles Leclerc in a strategic power play.

Hamilton will have to ‘fight’ if he wants to be number one at Ferrari. Ralf Schumacher predicts a combative Leclerc. Ralf Schumacher is eager to see the battle between Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, who will replace Carlos Sainz at Ferrari in 2025. According to the former F1 driver, a power struggle could emerge between the two drivers.

“When Hamilton joins Ferrari, he will try to achieve the status of number one, but I think he will have to fight for it because of Leclerc’s management,” Schumacher told Sky Deutschland.

“Ferrari has done this before with the number one status and it was not well received by everyone. What’s more important is what the drivers want. Lewis needs a stable car, while Charles can handle a nervous car.”

Tense Year for Ferrari and Mercedes

The former driver expects to see Ferrari and Mercedes teams walking on eggshells with their departing drivers: “It’s a very difficult year for Ferrari and Mercedes.”

“On one hand, you have a driver who is supposed to race for the world championship, so you have to share everything with him, but only up to a certain point in the season due to car development. At Mercedes, the focus will certainly be more on Russell.”

According to the German, Hamilton’s impact and success at Ferrari will depend on the people who accompany him: “It depends on who is there. There are rumors that he would take his race engineer with him, and that would be the best thing that could happen to him because there is a very strong bond between the two.”

“And who else will Vasseur recruit? The Ferrari package was not bad last year, but there was always the tire issue, and something had to change.”

Hamilton Ferrari Leclerc Battle. Hamilton Ferrari Leclerc Battle

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