Hamilton Dreams of Shared F1-MotoGP Weekends


Lewis Hamilton champions the idea of Formula 1 and MotoGP racing together under Liberty Media’s new ownership, an exciting prospect.

Lewis Hamilton stated that it would be “epic” to see Formula 1 and MotoGP share race weekends in the future, as Liberty Media recently announced the acquisition of the MotoGP Grand Prix series.

Hamilton’s love for MotoGP is well-documented, having previously swapped his ride with MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.

The deal with Liberty Media values the MotoGP series at 4.2 billion euros, and its current sports director, Carlos Ezpeleta, is considering the possibility of Formula 1 sharing race weekends with MotoGP under Liberty’s ownership.

Both categories race on several of the same circuits during the season, such as the Circuit of the Americas, Qatar, Barcelona, and Silverstone, but the prospect of both series appearing on the same weekend is unlikely in the short term.

“I haven’t really thought about it, I’ve obviously read the headlines about it,” said Hamilton when asked about Liberty Media’s acquisition of MotoGP.

“I think Liberty has done an incredible job with Formula 1, obviously the value of the sport is increasing, so I think they can do a great job with MotoGP.”

“It’s exciting because I love MotoGP. It would be epic if we could have them with us on the same weekend.”

He then added with a smile, even though he admitted that it would be an impossible prospect: “Maybe I could race in MotoGP and drive a Formula 1 car on the same weekend – that would be really cool!”

Hamilton Envisions Epic F1 and MotoGP Shared Weekends

Hamilton Envisions Epic F1 and MotoGP Shared Weekends. Hamilton Envisions Epic F1 and MotoGP Shared Weekends

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