F1 Not for Sale Aims High Despite Struggles

F1 Not for Sale, Aims High Despite Struggles


In a recent statement, Alpine F1’s director, Bruno Famin, denied sale rumors and outlined the team’s commitment to surmount current challenges and push for better performance in the competitive world of Formula 1.

The French manufacturer occupies the last rank in the constructors’ championship without a single point to its name in 2024. The performance of the two A524s also leaves little hope for short-term improvement unless there’s an unexpected turn in events.

“We have a real project with Alpine,” Famin confided to the official F1 website today.

“Our plan is to develop the global recognition of the Alpine brand through motorsport and Formula 1 in particular.”

“We have the full support of the senior management. The team is absolutely not for sale. We will continue to push to achieve our goals.”

Famin acknowledges, however, that “it’s not a fun period.”

“We’re not where we want to be in terms of performance, we’re not doing this project to be 15th or 16th. We want to be at the front, we want to develop the car’s performance – and we want to fight for podiums and wins as soon as possible.”

Alpine F1 still hopes to bounce back this year

Famin remains determined for Alpine to rebound after its dismal start to the year. He understands that it won’t be a matter of weeks, but he is convinced that the project will have time to succeed.

“Everyone on the board understands that it’s not an easy challenge. It’s a very tough challenge – we owe a lot of respect to our competitors. To move forward, we need to raise the bar, elevate our level, we need to improve.”

“In history, our team, previously under the Renault brand – at the beginning of the project in the 1970s, everyone laughed at us – and we were strong in those moments.”

“We want to take advantage of these difficult times now. We know that everyone has ups and downs. We are in a bad position, but we will take the opportunity to be stronger very soon and will certainly make the necessary changes within the team to achieve our goals.”

“The car we have now is the result of previous management. But what’s important is what we do now. And I’m happy with what we’re doing. Of course, the road is very long and we have a lot to improve.”

F1 Not for Sale Aims High Despite Struggles

Alpine F1 does not want to miss the opportunity of the 2026 rules to make a comeback.

Alpine F1 is starting from so far back this season that the French team knows its hopes for good results in 2024 and 2025 are very limited.

However, the turning point of the 2026 rules must not be missed, both at Enstone and at Viry, respectively concerning the chassis and the engine.

Bruno Famin, the team director, admits on the official F1 website: 2026 will take priority, starting with the engine.

Their Renault engine has been lagging for years. It is believed that the power unit is about 15 kW behind its competitors. This could cost them up to 0.5 seconds per lap on some tracks. But as the regulations are frozen, they can do nothing about it until the end of 2025.

“Viry [the Renault engine base of Alpine F1] has been working on the new engine regulations for quite some time,” says Famin.

“The good news is that we are on the right track. We are quite pleased with what we are doing. The level is quite ambitious. For now, we are on the right track but you never know what our competitors are doing.”

“We definitely want to return in 2026 to the front part of the grid, to significantly improve our position. We know that the major change in the regulations is an opportunity to change the game. We want to seize this opportunity. That is the goal.”

“We want to make a significant step and find consistency, not be fifth one year, seventh another, sixth another. We want to get much closer to the top teams.”

F1 Not for Sale, Aims High Despite Struggles

F1 Not for Sale, Aims High Despite Struggles. F1 Not for Sale, Aims High Despite Struggles

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