Hamilton Denies Visiting Ferrari's F1 Factory

Hamilton Denies Visiting Ferrari’s F1 Factory


Lewis Hamilton refutes claims he visited Ferrari’s F1 factory, stirring intrigue in the racing world.

Lewis Hamilton emphasized one point: he has never set foot in Maranello’s F1 department, clarifying the claims made by Piero Ferrari that the F1 World Champion had visited their factory.

Speaking to the media for the first time since his transfer to Ferrari was announced earlier this month, Hamilton stated during the Sakhir tests that he had never visited the “Scuderia” part of the factory.

“I did not,” he said when asked if he had ever visited Maranello’s F1 factory.

“I bought my first Ferrari in 2010 and others thereafter (Hamilton took delivery of his LaFerrari in 2015), I believe.”

“That was my first big gift, to myself. I no longer have my LaFerrari supercar, but I couldn’t visit the F1 factory during that time.”

“Being with Mercedes, I didn’t think it was a good idea to do so. It would have made headlines because I would certainly have been spotted!”

Hamilton added that he did not visit the factory or Frédéric Vasseur in Maranello for his signing either.

lewis Hamilton Denies Visiting Ferrari’s F1 Factory. Hamilton Denies Visiting Ferrari’s F1 Factory


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