Apex movie F1 delay

“Apex” F1 Movie Delayed to 2025: Fans Must Wait


The eagerly awaited Formula 1 movie “Apex” faces delays until 2025 due to extended filming and strikes, starring Brad Pitt and produced by Lewis Hamilton.

We’re going to have to wait longer than initially expected to see the Formula 1-themed movie, tentatively titled “Apex.”

This became more apparent following the announcement that filming will ultimately continue until the end of 2024.

Due to a strike by the Screen Actors’ Guild and the Writers’ Guild of America, filming was halted for an extended period last year. It is now announced that filming will resume (and largely be redone), aiming for a movie release by the end of summer 2025.

As a producer, Lewis Hamilton is driving the project starring Brad Pitt. The American actor plays a retired racing driver who is asked to mentor a young talent in Formula 1. Naturally, there is keen interest in seeing if Pitt can turn the young talent into a winning F1 driver.

During the 2023 season, Pitt and the film crew were present at several Grand Prix weekends to shoot footage, notably with F2 cars cosmetically converted to look like F1 cars. It later emerged that footage had also been shot during the strike, and thus its use was prohibited by the American union.

Therefore, filming will resume in 2024. Pitt and the entire film crew will be invited again this year to Silverstone for filming, as well as to Hungary, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi. If all goes as planned, the film will thus be released in theaters by the end of summer 2025.

Apex movie F1 delay. Apex movie F1 delay


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