Haas Unveils Monaco-Specific Package

Haas Unveils Monaco-Specific Package


Haas F1 prepares for Monaco with a bespoke package, a first for the team. New director Ayao Komatsu leads this strategic change.

Haas F1 is better prepared than ever for the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, set to take place this weekend. Ayao Komatsu, the new director, subtly hints that this is the first time the American team has developed a specific package for the slowest and most winding circuit of the season.

“I’m looking forward to Monaco because this year, the team has worked well in the wind tunnel to achieve the necessary downforce for Monaco, which is different from previous years,” Komatsu proudly states.

“In terms of consistency with the car, we seem to have better consistency, and obviously, in Monaco, the drivers need a lot of confidence; they need to trust the car. One thing that remains to be seen is the car’s balance.”

“In Monaco, you can have too much understeer, and then you won’t be fast, so that’s one of the issues with this year’s car, I think. We are aware of it and will try to find the right balance, and if we manage that, the weekend could be very interesting.”

“Do as Many Laps as Possible”

The Japanese director wants his team to maximize the practice sessions as track time is crucial: “Monaco qualifying is paramount, driver confidence is paramount, track time is paramount – so you can’t tinker too much with the car’s setup.”

“This means the car you start with on Friday morning has to be good, then you just have to let the driver do as many laps as possible; there’s more time to be gained in those laps than in tweaking the car’s setup.”

“The challenge is that the car needs to be well-set before running, so to speak. If you send the car out and the setup isn’t right, you can’t spend 15 minutes in the garage changing it, as those 15 minutes are lost track time. Between runs, it’s crucial to have the driver look at the data, see where improvements are needed, and get back out as quickly as possible.”

“The challenge for the engineers is more about getting the initial setup right, then, once on track, focusing on building the drivers’ confidence. It’s enjoyable because it’s a completely different challenge from any other circuit, it’s unique. That’s what makes Monaco special, and we’re all looking forward to it.”

Hülkenberg Prepares to Be “On the Razor’s Edge”

Nico Hülkenberg hopes to shine in what he considers his home race of the season. He reveals just how unique the Principality is, influencing the Grand Prix’s distinct character. On the track, his primary focus will be on excelling in qualifying.

“I’ve lived in Monaco since 2015, this will be my 11th Monaco Grand Prix, and I’ve watched the race many times growing up. Monaco is iconic, it’s about tradition; the palace, the hotels, and many places still have a dress code to enter,” notes the German.

“The history and heritage of Monaco are respected by everyone, which I appreciate. There’s always a bit more attention on qualifying here in Monaco. But it’s the same every weekend; you have to start from scratch to try and get a good feeling with the car.”

“And the challenge of qualifying in Monaco is that you really have to nail the lap and combine the three sectors. It’s a race on the razor’s edge, a challenge every year, and one of my favorite circuits to drive.”

A “Special” Race for Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen is thrilled to return to this circuit, which he considers the most beautiful experience for a Formula 1 driver. However, he finds it paradoxical how little the race itself can matter, given that the hierarchy rarely changes on Sunday.

“It’s the best circuit on the calendar to drive, it’s simply phenomenal in these narrow streets with walls everywhere. The feeling of driving a Formula 1 car in Monaco is, for me, the best of the year,” explains Magnussen.

Magnussen: “We Know There’s No Overtaking in the Race”

“We know there’s no overtaking in the race, so it feels strange compared to all the other races where overtaking is quite good, and the race is quite exciting. Maybe there could be more qualifying sessions or a Sprint to mix things up.”

Magnussen hopes that the threats to Monaco’s place on the calendar do not come to fruition: “The Monaco Grand Prix is part of the Triple Crown; it’s one of those races where if you win it, it’s even more special. Having raced here, it’s truly special, so I hope it stays on the calendar.”

“In other races, you do laps to explore different techniques and quickly find the limit. At Monaco, you get closer and closer to the limit, and because it’s a street circuit, there’s a lot of track evolution.”

“Monaco is a circuit where all the parties are quite visible. At other races, the parties happen in the city’s clubs, but in Monaco, they take place on the track at Rascasse, and people spill drinks on the track! I love Monaco, it’s my favorite race.”

Haas Unveils Monaco-Specific Package

Haas Unveils Monaco-Specific Package. Haas Unveils Monaco-Specific Package. f1 Haas Unveils Monaco-Specific Package

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