Haas F1 Faces Uncertainty at Japanese GP

Haas F1 Faces Uncertainty at Japanese GP


Ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, Haas F1 is navigating uncertainty. Despite Nico Hülkenberg’s solid start, challenges loom.

Haas F1 is unsure if their car will struggle as much as anticipated this weekend. Indeed, Nico Hülkenberg did not have a poor start to the Japanese Grand Prix, but he could not drive enough to make a detailed assessment. He also regrets that the audience has to suffer and experienced a lackluster FP2.

“The first practice session was good, the car wasn’t too bad, but I think we’re expecting this weekend to be a challenging circuit for us, with its high speeds and quick direction changes,” Hülkenberg stated.

“It’s unfortunate about the weather, especially for the fans who are so enthusiastic at Suzuka. They show a lot of love and support, and the fact that we can’t provide them with a full show is somewhat sad, so I’m sorry for that.”

“In FP2, it wasn’t really dry or wet, it was the worst session for Formula 1 cars. I hope we can find some performance tonight, but we need to see what we can do in terms of runs and timing.”

Kevin Magnussen admits that the day started poorly for him, and the rain delayed his program accordingly: “I don’t think we started the day well with the balance, we had a lot of understeer and tried to correct it during FP1.”

“We probably needed a bigger setup change, so we changed the rear wing and a few other things too, so I would have liked to try that in FP2, but the session was disrupted by rain.”

“It was too dry for intermediate tires, and too wet for dry tires, resulting in no running. I hope FP3 will be dry tomorrow before qualifying, and if that’s the case, there will be no issues.”

Haas F1 Faces Uncertainty at Japanese GP

Haas F1 Faces Uncertainty at Japanese GP. Haas F1 Faces Uncertainty at Japanese GP

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