Haas F1 Aims High Beyond Top 5's Shadow

Haas F1 Aims High Beyond Top 5’s Shadow


In 2024, Haas F1 refuses to linger in the shadow of the leading quintet, targeting higher ambitions and strategic victories.

Haas F1 Team Director Ayao Komatsu asserts that smaller teams like his cannot merely settle for picking up leftovers from the distinct top 5 that has emerged in the 2024 season.

Since Bahrain, Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes F1, McLaren, and Aston Martin have been leading the pack, overshadowing RB F1, Stake, Haas, Williams, and Alpine.

This situation limits the points that can be scored when all 10 cars finish a race.

However, Haas F1 capitalized on Lance Stroll’s withdrawal in Jeddah by placing Nico Hulkenberg in the points. Moreover, in Melbourne, both the German and Kevin Magnussen benefited from the retirements of Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell, finishing ninth and tenth, respectively.

Yet, Komatsu believes Haas could have scored more points. After an early pit stop aimed at countering Alex Albon’s undercut, Magnussen was overtaken by Yuki Tsunoda, and Komatsu thinks the team made a similar mistake in the season opener in Bahrain.

With Tsunoda finishing seventh, Komatsu felt there were more opportunities for the team.

“We can’t keep making these mistakes when the midfield battle is so tight, can we?”

“Okay, we’re tied on points, but with Tsunoda in eighth, they’re sixth in the Constructors’ standings and we’re seventh. That could make a difference at the end of the year in terms of championship position.”

“It’s significant. So we really need to be perfect in every way.”

When asked about how encouraging the reliability issues of two top teams are, suggesting his team could potentially score more points in the future, Komatsu responded:

“Yes, but we can’t rely on those things.”

“You can’t live hoping for something bad to happen to others and just pick up the pieces. You need to build your own success.”

“We just need to keep improving our car, refining our operations, tweaking the strategy to put ourselves in a position to occasionally beat one or two of the top 5 teams outright.”

On a positive note from the factory, upgrades are arriving sooner than anticipated.

“Looking ahead, we know there’s a lot of work to be done. But as for the VF-24, the direction is clear.”

“Initially, our first upgrade was scheduled for later in the season, but our aerodynamics team has done solid work.”

“Instead, we’ll be introducing updates earlier, marking a shift for the team. We’ve seen promising signs in the wind tunnel; now we need to prove it on the track.”

Haas F1 Aims High Beyond Top 5's Shadow

Haas F1 Aims High Beyond Top 5’s Shadow. Haas F1 Aims High Beyond Top 5’s Shadow


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