Haas Accepted Andretti Rejected F1's Inconsistent Stance

Haas Accepted, Andretti Rejected: F1’s Inconsistent Stance


The refusal of Andretti’s F1 bid by FOM, contrasting with FIA’s stance, has sparked debate and dissent in the racing community.

In contrast to the FIA, FOM has firmly shut the door on Andretti’s entry into F1, asserting that the American project would not bring significant added value to the sport.

This decision has led to some bewilderment and even considerable anger among certain paddock figures.

Former Benetton and Stewart driver, Johnny Herbert, for example, criticized the decision as “short-sighted.”

“They should have allowed them into F1,” he stated.

And Herbert presented a whole array of arguments…

“It adds value to the F1 grid, simply because we have the Andretti name.”

“Secondly, there are two more cars on the grid. And thirdly, it provides other drivers with the opportunity to be part of it as well.”

“Will they bring more money to the table? Certainly, with three races in the United States, having Andretti in F1 is obviously a positive thing.”

“The name is another element that, in my opinion, is very good for Formula 1. I’m thinking of Mario Andretti… but also of Michael himself. I find it hard to understand why their entry was not allowed.”

Herbert, like other Andretti supporters, challenges FOM: if Andretti brings nothing to F1, even while bringing Cadillac along, what then can be said of Haas F1 today?

“Haas is a team about which you might wonder: what do they bring to F1? But they were accepted into F1. It’s part of the game. And they (Andretti) should have been accepted too.”

Andretti’s F1 Bid: Diversity vs Revenue

“There will always be the best team, and there will always be the worst team. No matter how you put it.”

“Even if all these cars were F2 painted as Formula 1, there would still be the best team and the slowest team.”

“Having Andretti would add another dimension to the grid, the mere fact that there are more cars on the grid would make it more attractive.”

“And the spectacle can only benefit from it. Even if people think it will be useless, the name is a positive thing for Formula 1, so I hope it happens. I hope at Andretti, they won’t give up, that they’ll try to enter after 2026.”

Yet, isn’t it also necessary to understand the perspective of the other 10 teams? They fear losing a tenth of their revenues…

“I know there have been discussions about the financial aspect, about taking a small slice of the pie, but everyone has done it. Personally, I think that’s a bit of a weak argument.”

Andretti F1 Entry Controversy. Andretti F1 Entry Controversy. Haas Accepted, Andretti Rejected: F1’s Inconsistent Stance. Haas Accepted, Andretti Rejected: F1’s Inconsistent Stance


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