George Russell Struggles with Helmet Vibrations in F1

George Russell Struggles with Helmet Vibrations in F1


George Russell faces unexpected challenges during races due to increased helmet vibrations, attributed to car turbulence and his height.

George Russell has revealed that he has a problem this year with his helmet. The Mercedes F1 driver feels that there are vibrations in his helmet during races that he didn’t have before, and he thinks it’s due to turbulence from other cars. This is obviously amplified by his tall stature.

“I had no issues with helmets during testing and qualifying, but as soon as we get to the race, with all the turbulence and cars around, there’s a lot of vibration and I struggle. The cars are definitely harder to follow than they were before,” Russell stated.

James Allison, the technical director of the team, disputes the idea that F1 has failed with its 2022 regulations and that the current difficulties in overtaking are a symptom of this: “I think that would be quite unfair. I think the competition is quite tight in the midfield. There are overtakings.”

“I think even based on the data we can see today, the car is still better than the 2021 and 2020 generations. But the leading pack has developed the car in an extraordinary way which, as you develop downforce, makes it more difficult to follow.”

“However, I continue to think that, from all the measurements and all the data we can see, you can now be closer than you were before, which was the intention behind all this.”

“I don’t think they will improve in 2025. There’s no reason to think that the situation will get better next year. As for the year 2026, the rules are still being ratified as we speak, so it’s difficult to assess the situation.”

George Russell Struggles with Helmet Vibrations in F1

George Russell Struggles with Helmet Vibrations in F1. George Russell Struggles with Helmet Vibrations in F1

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