Alonso Explores Options Before Aston Martin Deal

Alonso Coy on Red Bull Talks Despite Horner Meetings


Fernando Alonso engaged with several F1 teams before committing to Aston Martin for the upcoming seasons.

Which ones? The Spaniard does not want to confirm, even though it is known that he extensively explored the situation at Red Bull and spoke several times with Christian Horner.

“I have spoken with other people, yes. I think it’s normal that when you start negotiations, you need to balance things a bit and see ‘what’s the market?’ You also need to listen to everyone,” explains Alonso.

“As I said during the announcement, it’s just a normal procedure, it’s normal to listen to all the proposals and to see how the market evolves.”

He always assures, he did not venture very far in these other discussions.

“It was just a series of conversations, there was no intention to go further or to write a contract, or anything like that.”

Alonso did not disclose the teams with which he spoke before signing an extension with Aston Martin.

“I will not specify which teams I’m talking about because I think it’s no longer important now, and it’s Aston Martin that matters now.”

“But again, these are normal conversations to have, the same for teams, when they are looking for a driver, they contact everyone, just to know their position and contractual situation.”

“Even if the bosses are not very interested, they still want to know everything, and for me, it’s the same, but without any clear target, the first priority was Aston.”

Alonso Explores Options Before Aston Martin Deal

Alonso Explores Options Before Aston Martin Deal. Alonso Explores Options Before Aston Martin Deal

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