Gasly Focuses on Alpine's Rebound Amid Challenges

Gasly Focuses on Alpine’s Rebound Amid Challenges


Amid early season struggles, Pierre Gasly prioritizes team improvement over his future with Alpine F1, seeking a competitive edge.

Pierre Gasly is not yet focusing on his future with Alpine F1. The French driver is instead zeroing in on his team’s ability, currently struggling at the start of the season, to bounce back and perform better than in the first two races.

“Whether you’re at the end or the beginning of a contract, it’s not a situation you want to find yourself in,” Gasly stated. “I’m a competitive person, I fight to be at the front, and I don’t think anyone would enjoy this position.”

“But I’ve been in F1 for seven years, it’s not as if it’s going to change anything after half a season racing in a car that’s not performing and has given me the potential to be at the forefront.”

“It’s not really the contractual situation that’s frustrating, it’s just being at the back and not in a position to fight with the guys I want to fight with.”

The question naturally arises whether Alpine’s performance will impact his career: “Time will tell, I don’t really want to say more. I’m here to drive fast and I can see the positive changes, so yes, time will tell.”

“Understanding why we’re not competitive”

Gasly is looking at the shorter term, hoping to figure out how to bring Alpine back to top form: “The most important thing for me is to understand, to figure out why we’re not competitive enough and how to make the package faster.”

“There’s a huge regulatory change coming in 2026, and it’s crucial to understand how to build a car, how to take a step forward, how to bring in improvements that work, how to maximize the package you have, for 2024, 2025, but even more so for 2026.”

The Frenchman admits he’s demanding of his team, but that he gives his all as well: “Honestly, I commit 100%, I give absolutely everything, because I see how much the guys give everything, and we all want to be competitive.”

“Sometimes, I’m often on their case, asking them for answers, but what I love is that they’re trying more and more to manage on their own, I’m someone who always leans on whatever he can, who surpasses himself, who improves in all areas.”

“But I’m also demanding of the people I work with and people are starting to adopt this mindset. And sometimes, in tough moments, you dig deeper and come away with more.”

Gasly Focuses on Alpine’s Rebound Amid Challenges. Gasly Focuses on Alpine’s Rebound Amid Challenges


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