First sounds of Red Bull's 2026 Power Unit

First sounds of Red Bull’s 2026 Power Unit


In 2026, Red Bull Racing and Ford will launch a hybrid power unit, ending Honda’s partnership and aligning with new F1 regulations.

Starting from the 2026 season, Red Bull Racing will produce its own power unit in partnership with Ford, marking the conclusion of its partnership with Honda.

New technical regulations will come into effect for Formula 1 in 2026. For this purpose, Red Bull is collaborating with Ford to jointly develop a hybrid engine, with the V6 internal combustion engine generating half of the power and the electric motor producing the other half, totaling about 1000 horsepower, as is the case today.

Testing of this Red Bull Powertrains Ford engine is already underway at the Milton Keynes factory, and an initial video has been released.

This video, published on X, allows us to hear the sound of the new power unit. The engine is tested at various speeds and power levels. Although it is not shown in the video for confidentiality reasons, its sound can be heard.

First sounds of Red Bull’s 2026 Power Unit. First sounds of Red Bull’s 2026 Power Unit


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