Alonso Mercedes Hamilton Successor

Symonds: Alonso Ideal for Mercedes Post-Hamilton


Pat Symonds endorses Fernando Alonso as the ideal successor to Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes for 2025.

Pat Symonds believes Mercedes F1 should seek an experienced driver for 2025 to succeed Lewis Hamilton. The Formula 1 Technical Director, with a background at Renault, is convinced that Fernando Alonso would be the perfect candidate to support a very promising yet somewhat inexperienced George Russell.

“I hold this driver in high regard. I think he is incredibly fast. So, if I were aiming for the best result possible in 2025, who would I need to assist me with my brand-new car for 2026 under a completely new set of regulations? Fernando is their man,” stated Symonds.

“However, there’s a dilemma, isn’t there? You face the issue with George, who has been with the team for a few years, pondering his next move. And then there’s Fernando, who probably thinks at some point, ‘yes, okay, I’ve proven myself. It’s time to move on.'”

“People always undervalue the importance of continuity. Continuity within a team is so crucial, as engineers, drivers, and everyone else work together. To ensure this continuity, you really need to make sure you stagger your drivers.”

Symonds also advises Toto Wolff to anticipate the departure of key engineers to avoid surprises: “You need to ensure you have a good succession plan for your engineers and other similar aspects. So, I think if I were Toto, I would do it, but I would also wonder what the next step is. You have to look ahead.”

Alonso Mercedes Hamilton Successor. Alonso Mercedes Hamilton Successor.


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