FIA Ben Sulayem Allegations F1 2024

FIA Confirms Investigation Without Naming Sulayem


The FIA launches an investigation into specific allegations, yet refrains from naming Sulayem in its announcement, signaling a cautious approach without directly implicating any individuals.

Following allegations against FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the governing body has confirmed that a report has been “received” by the Compliance Department.

The FIA president was initially accused of interfering with the results of the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Monday night; however, a second report from the BBC brings new accusations against Ben Sulayem.

According to BBC Sport, both allegations were made by the same whistleblower, with the new accusations charging Ben Sulayem with instructing stewards not to give the green light for the GP at the Las Vegas street circuit for its inaugural event last season.

Following the two accusations, the FIA confirmed that the “Compliance Department is assessing these concerns.”

The FIA’s statement reads as follows, without naming Ben Sulayem: “The FIA confirms that the compliance officer has received a report detailing potential allegations involving certain members of its governing bodies. The compliance service is assessing these concerns, as is standard practice in such matters, to ensure that due process is respected and meticulously followed.”

Following this statement, an FIA spokesperson added: “It is regrettable and a cause for concern that the matter was leaked to the media without any prior authorization and that certain elements of the report have been inaccurately reported.”

FIA Ben Sulayem Allegations F1 2024.


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